Listen to the F.B.I. Interview with the Killer Featured in ICE AND BONE

Here is an audio clip I obtained from the F.B.I. of an interview with Joshua Wade shortly after his arrest in connection with Mindy Schloss’s disappearance. The interview appears in Chapter 40 of ICE AND BONE. What you obviously can’t see is Wade’s reaction when Agent Thoreson claims they “talked to Mindy.” Both Agent Thoreson and Detective Perrenoud, who were in the room, told me that a devious smirk came over Wade’s face:

From Chapter 40:

If there was any doubt before that moment that Wade had killed Mindy Schloss, for either Agent Thoreson or Detective Perrenoud, it evaporated with one facial expression. Detective Perrenoud could see in Wade’s eyes what he must have been thinking: You couldn’t have talked to her, because I killed her.